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River Valley Martial Arts offers a traditional martial arts program to youth, pre-teen, teen and adult students.  From its origins in the island of Okinawa, Karate was the first “mixed” martial arts system.  In addition to punching and kicking, Okinawan Karate incorporates sweeps, throws, joint locks, joint manipulations, neck cranks, and ground-fighting.  Designed as a holistic self-defense system to combat untrained attackers, Karate uses the “predictable response” analysis to help equip students to effectively respond to an attack when escape or verbal de-escalation is not an option.

We do not guarantee students a black belt in our program simply because they “sign on the dotted line”.  Black belts in our system are EARNED, not simply awarded based on time in the system.  Each rank advancement has its own set of requirements, and the student must demonstrate a level of proficiency before a panel of black belt instructors (including independent instructors) to advance in our system.  For most students, the average time to 1st Degree Black Belt is 4-5 years (or longer)...and only then are you considred a “serious student” by traditional Okinawan practitioners.

Our program incorporates both traditional and modern teaching methods, and includes kata (techniques), bunkai (analysis), self-defense and sparring (application), coupled with a fitness program that strengthens the body and the mind.  Students who have trained in our program have also enjoyed other positive benefits, including reduced stress levels, improved heart rate and blood pressure, weight loss, and a boost in energy and an overall feeling of wellness.   The discipline and focus developed through martial arts training has benefits both inside and outside the dojo (training hall).

You’re never too young or too old for our martial arts programs...and the benefits can improve the quality of life for young and old alike.  We’re the “family-friendly” school you’ve been looking for.